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Donnelly Joins Bus Brigade Against Vaccine Mandate Bill

Californians against school vaccine bill SB 277, led by former State Assemblyman Tim Donnelly, are heading from southern California up to Sacramento in a brigade of buses to take a stand against the pending legislation.

Tim Donnelly (Rich Pedroncelli / Associated Press)

Texas ‘Devil Doll’ Teacher Resigns

A third-grade teacher in a rural West Texas town has resigned after some parents complained when their children were upset about a video she showed in class back in March.


West Texas Town Defends ‘Devil Doll’ Teacher after ‘Mistake’

NEW HOME, Texas — Residents of a small West Texas town rallied to support a third-grade teacher whose job is on the line after some parents complained when she showed her students a short video about a doll that is rumored to have evil powers and then reportedly warned the children not to tell their parents about what she showed them. On Monday night, the school board debated whether to renew her contract but a decision has not yet been reached.

New Home, Texas