New S.F. Sheriff Weakens Sanctuary City Policy

Vicki Hennessy (Eric Risberg / Associated Press)
Eric Risberg / Associated Press

San Francisco’s former sanctuary city sheriff has been replaced, and Sheriff Vicki Hennessy is already moving to re-establish communications between federal immigration officials and deputies at the city jail.

Hennessy is making the move one of her first since being sworn in last Friday. Former Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi issued a March 13 memo banning communication between jail officials and federal immigration officials seeking to deport jailed individuals. A few months later, a  five-time deportee, and seven-time convicted felon illegal alien, Juan Francisco Lopez-Sanchez, shot and killed a young woman, Kate Steinle, at a San Francisco pier.

Hennessy’s office is working on a new policy that would repeal Mirkarimi’s March 13 policy, according to the San Francisco Chronicle.

Mirkarimi came under heavy scrutiny several times during his time as sheriff, but the nation paid particular attention when the illegal alien killed Steinle. At the time Lopez-Sanchez was released, Mirkarimi was working on having his own criminal record expunged–a domestic violence charge that was downgraded to false imprisonment.

Voters dumped Mirkarimi in favor of Hennessy last November.

While Hennessy will open up communication between her deputies and federal immigration officials, she has defended the city’s sanctuary city policy.

As Breitbart News previously reported, Hennessy’s campaign website stated, “I am running for Sheriff to safeguard San Francisco’s Sanctuary Ordinance and protect the rights of all immigrants, while keeping the city safe for all residents.”

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