Treason: Dangerous Agenda Behind S.F. Sanctuary City Group

Causa Justa Just Cause (Facebook)

Leaders of the community organizing group that has aligned with San Francisco Supervisor John Avalos to expand the controversial “sanctuary city” laws — which prevent local law enforcement from communicating with federal immigration enforcement agencies — actually have an even more dangerous and bizarre agenda: enabling Chicanos to secede from the United States and form their own nation state in California, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas.

Politicians like Supervisor John Avalos take an oath to uphold the United States Constitution, but Avalos has chosen to associate with a group whose leadership has made open calls for sedition and treason along racial lines.

That group is the San Francisco- and Oakland-based “Causa Justa :: Just Cause,” the community organizing group that came out in force to support Avalos at last Tuesday’s San Francisco Board of Supervisors meeting.

Maria Poblet, the self-described community organizer with the group, recently retweeted a “Make America Mexico Again” hat on two separate days on her Twitter feed.

The “Make America Mexico Again” messaging is part of a wider Chicano separatist agenda that argues the southwestern United States actually belongs to Mexico. In turn, that belief is part of a wider socialist agenda that seeks to split the United States up into racially-controlled nation-states.

This is no tinfoil hat conspiracy theory, but is based on the statements of a socialist organization with a direct executive link to the main community organizing group pushing the sanctuary city initiative in San Francisco.

As her bio says, one of the Causa Justa’s Board of Directors is Michelle Foy, a prominent member of the separatist Freedom Road Socialist Organization.

It sounds almost too far-fetched to believe, but the evidence is clear: the FRSO supports splitting up America into separate nations used on race. Black people would receive the southern states — like Georgia and the Carolinas; while Chicanos would rule the Southwestern states — like California and Arizona.

From the Unity Statement of Freedom Road Socialist Organization, May 2001:

The course of struggle in the US forged a new nation among African-Americans based in the Black Belt agricultural region of the US South. Since before the Civil War, African-American fighters for liberation have asserted the demand for land and justice, as well as the demand for complete equality throughout the United States. We stand in that tradition. We support self-determination for the African-American nation. As this struggle gains momentum, this may eventually include the establishment of an independent African-American nation based in the South. We defend the right to independent African-American organization necessary to achieve this liberation, including the right to separate African-American revolutionary parties.

As a result of historical developments since the annexation of Mexican land by the United States, there emerged an oppressed Chican@/Mexican@ nation of Aztlan. Since annexation, there has been a continuous struggle for land and justice (tierra y libertad). We support the right to self-determination up to and including secession for that nation. We defend the right to independent Chican@ / Mexican@ organization necessary to achieve this liberation, including the right to separate Chican@ / Mexican@ parties.

We support struggles of national liberation for all other nations brutalized by imperialist oppression whose homelands are within the borders of the United States, such as the Native American nations of the US, the Hawai’ian nation and the Puerto Rican struggle for national independence.

Michelle Foy’s biography is provided by the Causa Justa board page, which corroborates her involvement with the Freedom Road Socialist Organization:

Michelle is currently the Program Manager at RoadMap, an intermediary that provides capacity building and organizational development support to social justice organizations across the country.

She is a former member and coordinator at the Center for Political Education, and worked for 14 years providing bookkeeping support for Bay Area left and progressive organizations. She has been active in student struggles; in the movement to challenge the Prison Industrial Complex; and is active with the Secret Garden Stewards Collective, a community garden in support of base-building and community resilience in the Mission. Michelle is also a member of Freedom Road Socialist Organization. A major source of enjoyment is watching her six year old, Carmelo, as he finds his way in the world.

Moreover, Michelle Foy is not only connected to both the Freedom Road Socialist Organization and the community organizing group Causa Justa :: Just Cause, but she has also apparently been on the payroll of Supervisor John Avalos himself in the past.

In 2011, Avalos made a failed bid to become the mayor of San Francisco, a city which uses public financing of elections. His bid was later investigated by the San Francisco Ethics Commission and was riddled with accounting missteps, including failing to account for $26,506 in contributions, as well as a shocking 60% of campaign expenditures. As John Avalos himself admitted in a letter to the audit board:

I realize that the lack of documents is a unacceptable and I take full responsibility for not having them available. If I were to ever run for public office again, I will never structure my campaign staff and treasury operations in the same way.

The committee’s findings about the state of his finances were rather shocking:

1) the Committee failed to maintain complete campaign records for contributions received totaling $26,506, or 11 percent of total contributions received, in violation of Government Code section 84104 and S.F. C&GC Code sections 1.106 and 1.109; and 2) the Committee failed to maintain complete campaign records for expenditures made totaling $391,594, or 60 percent of total expenditures made, in violation of Government Code section 84104 and S.F. C&GC Code sections 1.106 and 1.109.

A look at the incomplete records shows that Avalos made at least three payments to a “Michelle Foy” totaling $5550.

In Attachment B to the Audit Report, Michelle Foy was listed as having received a payment of $1600. In Attachment C to the Audit Report, Michelle Foy was listed as having received two payments, of $1350 and $2600.

Consider for a moment the repercussions if a public official running for mayor of one of America’s largest cities had a white separatist on the payroll who was advocating for secession along racial lines. That would understandably become a major news story and a scandal.

However, John Avalos had just such a person on his payroll in Michelle Foy. She is a member of a group that openly advocates for Chicano and black Americans taking over entire states in the name of “self-determination.”

The Freedom Road Socialist Organization has also chimed in on the murder of Katie Steinle, which led to nationwide cries of condemnation over San Francisco’s sanctuary city policy. Steinle was killed last July by a five-time deportee, and seven-time convicted felon, named Juan Francisco Lopez-Sanchez. In an essay last year the Freedom Road Socialist Organization attacked Donald Trump and Fox News, writing:

A debate ensued, becoming less about the actual death of Kate Steinle, who was white, and focused on the fact that López-Sánchez is undocumented. This tragedy has become a soap box for Trump and his supporters to promote an anti-immigrant agenda, lumping all immigrants as criminals; and, attacking sanctuary city policies like San Francisco’s, which prevents local police from automatically detaining people on the basis of being undocumented. There are provisions, however that allow local police to surrender people who have criminal warrants.

At the end of the essay, the the Freedom Road Socialist Organization actually claimed that the death of Katie Steinle should be a call to expand San Francisco’s deadly sanctuary city policy. They wrote:

People must demand that this incident be treated as a criminal investigation, and that Francisco López-Sánchez be given his right to a fair and impartial investigation and followed up with a fair trial. Additionally, the sanctuary cities policies should not be undermined or eliminated. Local police agencies should not automatically hand over undocumented immigrants to Immigration and Customs Enforcement (I.C.E. aka La Migra) to be detained for deportation. It is not the duty of local police agencies to act as immigration agents. Lastly, people should demand a just immigration policy that allows honest working people to live and work in the U.S., with a path to citizenship.

The points made by the Freedom Road Socialist Organization were echoed by Supervisor Avalos himself at last Tuesday’s meeting. Avalos attacked Donald Trump and called for the expansion of San Francisco’s sanctuary city policies:

Causa Justa :: Just Cause was also the group responsible for this reporter’s unlawful removal from the supervisors meeting when I began shooting video of their numerous disruptions, which violated clearly stated Board of Supervisors rules.

In these video clips, a woman wearing a T-shirt from the group can be seen coming over to sit next to me in order to block my camera. John Avalos has admitted that the group contained a number of illegal aliens who were worried about being videotaped.

The Board of Supervisors is scheduled to vote on expanding the sanctuary city policy on May 24.

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