Comedian Hangs Up Hilarious ‘Animal Facts’ at L.A. Zoo

Comedian Leaves Hilarious ‘Animal Facts’ Placards at L.A. Zoo
Obvious Plant/Facebook

A California comedian who cavorts on social media under the name “Obvious Plant” left a series of fake “Animal Facts” placards around the Los Angeles Zoo this weekend, delighting some and confusing others with the offbeat claims about the creatures around them.

The comedian, Jeff Wysaski, also posted the images he created to his Facebook and Tumbler accounts for all to see.

One poster, featuring a penguin, amusingly notes, “Penguins appear to be wearing tuxedos because they are slowly evolving into 1920s business tycoons. In 30 years they’ll have monocles. In 60 years, disdain for the poor.”

Another poster told zoo-goers, “Flamingos are monogamous. Except for Phillip, that cheating bastard.”

Yet another fake animal fact told visitors at the owl exhibit that “All barn owls think that one line in the ‘Friends’ theme song is ‘Owl be there for you.’ Don’t tell them the truth. It would devastate them.”

One more incongruously read, “The Southern Crested Screamer can see ghosts. That’s why it screams. It is constantly bombarded with the haunting images of the undead that constantly surround us.”

“The zoo is more fun with made-up facts,” Wysaski insisted on his Tumblr page.

Wysaski also temporarily chronicled his emplacement of the fake animal facts on Snapchat for his fans to watch him confuse animal lovers.

For other comedic posts, the Obvious Plant Twitter feed has such helpful quips as, “Important idea: Gangs should do drive-bys with t-shirt guns. It’d be less violent & the shirt could say “you suck” so the target still gets the message.”

Wysaski has a long, long list of fake advertisements, book reviews, and signs he has left in stores around the L.A. area, posted on his social media accounts.

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