Marine Stationed Overseas Finds Out the Gender of His Baby Through Wife’s Surprise Gift

Baby Gender Reveal Marine Base
Fox 2 News

A Marine stationed overseas found out the gender of his baby through a surprise gift from his wife.

U.S. Marine commander Captain Gregory Veteto had been away from his home at Camp Pendleton in Southern California when his wife Shanelle and 16-month-old son Samuel found out that they would gain an additional member of the family, KTVU reports.

The commander’s wife decided to surprise her husband by giving him a “gift” that would reveal the baby’s gender. After some planning with a friend, she decided to send her husband a football filled with colored powder to remind him of his days as a punter for his college football team.

Shanelle’s goal was to get her husband to kick the ball so that it would explode with pink or blue powder to reveal the baby’s gender.

“I was a terrible punter,” Gregory Veteto said. “She told me, ‘don’t screw it up.’ I just didn’t want to miss the ball.”

Veteto’s fellow Marines and sailors witnessed the moment Veteto kicked the ball, causing it to explode in a sea of pink powder. At that moment, Veteto knew he would be a father to a baby girl.

“It was fantastic breaking open the football,” he said. “The Marines were excited about it, and I appreciated that.”

Other couples have planned unique “gender reveal” parties to reveal the sex of their expected baby.

One Canadian couple floated a dog in the air with a hot air balloon as part of a gender reveal party, while another couple had country singer Garth Brooks reveal the gender of their baby at a concert in Los Angeles, California.


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