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Gavin Newsom: Trump Turning ICE into ‘Personal Army of Hate’

Gubernatorial candidate Gavin Newsom called on the National Rifle Assn. to take down a controversial new video that he argued villanizes political rivals and could lead to violence.
Rich Pedroncelli/Associated Press)

California Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom blasted President Donald Trump on Tuesday as a “scared bully” who is turing Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) into “his own personal army of hate.”

“We cannot let this small, scared bully hurt our economy and turn ICE into his own personal army of hate,” he said on Tuesday, when Trump visited border wall prototypes in Southern California.

Newsom also claimed that the border wall is a “1900 mile monument to idiocy that is literally IMPOSSIBLE to complete” and said it will “look more like a piece of swiss cheese than an insurmountable barrier.”

The gubernatorial candidate, who has vowed to keep California a “sanctuary state,” recently praised Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf for alerting illegal immigrants of potential ICE raids and urged other local leaders to do the same even though Attorney General Jeff Sessions said such alerts only endanger law enforcement officials.

“We can and must protect immigrant families from Donald Trump’s mass deportations. I want to thank Mayor Schaaf for her courage and hope more local leaders will follow her lead,” Newsom said after Schaaf issued her alert.

Newsom also said he couldn’t be more proud that Sessions called him an “embarrassment” for “bragging about and encouraging the obstruction of our law enforcement” while Sessions announced in Sacramento that the Department of Justice would seek to strike down three of California’s “sanctuary state” laws because they violate the Constitution’s Supremacy Clause.


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