Multiple Homes on Fire After New Jersey Plane Crash

At least two homes in New Jersey are on fire after a plane crashed into a residential neighborhood in Colonia, fire officials said.

WABC reported that a Cessna 414 crashed into one of the homes around 11 a.m., causing fire and smoke to spread to a nearby house. Another home is also said to have suffered some damage from the fire.

Authorities say nobody was inside the home where the plane crashed, but one woman was inside a nearby home where the flames spread.

She escaped unharmed, but her house suffered damage. No one else on the ground was impacted by the crash.

The condition of the pilot is unknown and no passengers are believed to have been aboard the aircraft at the time of the crash.

The two-engine eight-seat plane began its journey in Leesburg, Virginia, and appeared to be traveling to Linden Airport with an expected arrival time of 10:58 a.m.

“I saw this thing coming in like wing up, wing down, and for a little plane he had a pretty wide wingspan, about maybe 100 feet above the house just roaring in, and then boom — an explosion lit up the sky,” one witness told WABC.

Mayor of Woodbridge Township John E. McCormac told NBC New York that power and gas have been turned off to homes in the immediate area for safety precautions.

The Federal Aviation Authority is traveling to the scene to investigate the incident. The National Transportation Safety Board will also conduct its own investigation to determine what caused the accident.


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