Irish Teenager Gets Drunk and Steals Knickers In Father Jack Style Burglary

Irish Teenager Gets Drunk and Steals Knickers In Father Jack Style Burglary

Eighteen year old John Maguire from Northern Ireland has appeared in court charged with breaking into a women’s house, locking himself inside, trying her clothes on and stealing her knickers, all after getting drunk. On 22nd September Mr Maguire was caught by the home owner wearing two of her tops.

The burglary is reminiscent of the drunken lechery of Father Jack Hackett from the Irish hit TV show, Father Ted. Father Hackett spent his days drinking heavily and dreaming up ways of coming into contact with silky women’s underwear. He was not afraid to undertake burglary to get his way.

Maguire was less lucky than Hackett as he was caught and given an 18-month probation order Craigavon Magistrates Court gave Maguire an 18-month probation order. He was also ordered to pay his victim £250 compensation and given a two year restraining order, preventing him from contacting the victim.

Maguire’s solicitor unsuccessfully applied for an order banning the victim from talking about the incident on social media.

On the night in question the woman returned home but could not get in as the front door had been locked from the inside. After she knocked Maguire opened the door and ran past her wearing some of her clothes. 

After he left she went to her room and discovered he had rifled through her underwear draw and stolen some pairs of knickers. He had damaged some of her other clothing by trying it on, and had laid out some of her silk underwear on the bed.

The incident took place in the small town of Aghagallon, in County Antrim. The town has a population of less than 900 and the victim recognised Maguire, so the Police were able to locate him quickly. He was discovered in his own bed wearing some of the knickers.

Maguire’s father told Sunday Life the incident had been “blown out of proportion”. He said: “What he did wasn’t even that bad, it was blown way out of proportion. He is only 18 and he has never been in trouble before in his life.

“John is devastated by this; he has been in bed crying his eyes out.”

But the victim was unsympathetic saying that on the night: “I couldn’t get in and after knocking and knocking, John Maguire appeared standing before me wearing my clothes — I was in total shock as I knew him from living near me.

“He then took off two of my tops and ran off with just jeans on towards his own home.”

After the woman phoned the Police she checked upstairs: “He had carefully placed matching sets of underwear on my bed, some on the floor and others on bedside drawers.

“I could see his T-shirt and belt on my floor and felt physically sick,” she said.

“His boxers were laying on my window sill and and he had gone through my wardrobe and drawers trying on a few dresses and nightwear, which he had ripped while doing so.

“Everything he had picked out was silk or satin, nice La Senza underwear, the dresses he had tried on were from Karen Millen — he had only gone for the nicest things. He used my bedroom to get his sick kicks.”

The woman has now thrown away all the items of clothing he came into contact with and has redecorated her bedroom.

The precise motivation for the crime remains a mystery but it appears that alcohol played a significant role in leading Mr Maguire to commit his crime.