Girlfriends Dump Love Rat Boyfriend With Joint Road Sign

Girlfriends Dump Love Rat Boyfriend With Joint Road Sign

Two women have broken up with their love rat boyfriend by making a sign telling him he was “dumped” and putting it on a major road. The sign on the A1 in the North-East of England read “Steve Frazer you’re dumped by both your girlfriends”, according to the Newcastle Chronicle.

The women are said to have met each other and compared notes on their partner. In the end they took the drastic action because they concluded he was cheating on them both. The sign has now been taken down but not before it was seen by thousands of commuters travelling on the A1’s northern carriageway close to the famous Angel of the North statue.

The sign featured pictures of both women and of Mr Frazer himself, it was brightly coloured to attract even more attention. Frazer is pictured wearing black North Face jacket, whereas the women have similar dark straight hair.

Mr Frazer and his female friends have not come forward so it is unclear if he is really guilty of two-timing, but either way the sign is likely to have caused him significant embarrassment. As they say hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.

The sign itself is likely to have been removed by the police, as they dislike anything that may distract drivers.