Egyptian Cleric: Hamas Are Shi'ites and Communists, Collaborating with Israel

Egyptian Cleric: Hamas Are Shi'ites and Communists, Collaborating with Israel

Crazed cleric Talaat Zahran has claimed that Hamas are colluding with the Israeli Defence Force to drag Egypt into a war. The comments came on a video in which he accused the terrorist group of coordinating “what places in Palestine should be targeted” by Israeli bomb and said Egypt should not help them.

Sadly the comments are not a call for disengagement in the conflict as Zahran makes clear that “driving the Jews out” is still a duty. His concern is that Hamas are “Shiites and communists” with “neither a goal nor an Emir”. 

Zahman’s comments emerged on a YouTube video translated by the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI). It was first posted online over the weekend and has since been passed around various websites. 

The Cleric said: “Driving the Jews out of Palestine is indeed a duty, but whom do we really support in when we support Gaza? We need to know what the goal is and who the Emir is. Those people in Gaza have neither a goal nor an Emir.

“They are Shiites and communists so they must not be supported. They launch their cardboard missiles against the Jews, in order to worry the Jews and ostensibly force them to bomb them. 

“Its perfectly clear that Hamas and the Jews coordinate what places in Palestine should be targeted. Therefore Hamas must not be supported in this war.”

He went on to accuse Hamas of hiding underground whilst the Palestinians are subjected to rocket attacks by the IDF. He also accused some members of its leadership of hiding out in hotels in the Lebanon. 

Whilst Zahran’s comments may seem odd to a Western audience, they do highlight the growing ethnic and religious divisions within the Middle East. Many Islamic radicals are just as willing to denounce each other as heretics as they are to go out and fight either Jews or Christians. 

Executions have been committed by both Shiites and Sunnis, in one case reported by Breitbart News ISIS conducted a mass execution in Iraq because the men concerned were the wrong type of Muslim.