Spanish Bar Shut Down After British Girl Performs Sex Act on 24 Men

Spanish Bar Shut Down After British Girl Performs Sex Act on 24 Men

Local officials in the Spanish town of Magaluf have closed a bar where a British girl was filmed performing sex acts on 24 men for a cocktail. Police said they had identified Playhouse bar as the bar where the video was filmed.

The Daily Mail reports that the owners, along with entertainment firm Carnage, have now been fined €55,000. Both Playhouse and Carnage must also stay shut for a year unless they can successfully appeal the council’s decision within 15 working days.

Local mayor Manuel Onieva ordered a police investigation after the video of the 18-year-old British tourist performing multiple sex acts on men in the bar went viral. She is reported to have expected to receive a holiday for performing the acts, but was only offered a free drink.

A spokesman for the local council said: “The town hall has shown it is acting in a scrupulous legal fashion.

“We’ve acted only when a full and conclusive police report was in place. We haven’t acted on the spur of the moment based on the sole evidence of a video posted on the Internet.

“I think the message is clear. The town hall won’t tolerate activities of the kind featured in the video under any circumstances. We will use all the laws we have available to us to ensure there is no repetition.

“Playhouse and Carnage now have 15 days to defend themselves and I am sure they will do so because a 12-month closure could make anything think about closing up permanently.”

The council said it was shutting them down because they had failed to ensure underage children had not witnessed the acts. Licensing boss Juan Feliu said: “The law states quite clearly that under-age children cannot participate in or witness pornographic shows.

“Establishments like Playhouse have a responsibility to make sure the law is upheld and we say the bar and Carnage have not adopted all objective measures to guarantee that was the case.

“The sole possibility that there were under-age children present is a more than sufficient reason to sanction according to the law.”

The town of Magaluf, on the island of Majorca, has become notorious for the raucous behaviour of visiting tourists. José Ramón Bauzà, president of the regional Balearic Islands government, described part of the town as “500 metres of shame”.

Other videos of British tourists having sex in the streets have also been posted online.

When asked if he would appeal the council’s decision, Carnage director Paul Smith said: “What do you think? Yes, of course.”