State Department Competition For Inscription On New British Embassy

State Department Competition For Inscription On New British Embassy

London, UNITED KINGDOM – The US State Department has launched a competition for British and American students to submit a statement that best describes relations between the two countries. The winning entry will be carved into the stone wall surrounding the new US Embassy building, which is currently under construction in Vauxhall, South London.

On its website the American Embassy to the Court of St James said: “American artist Jenny Holzer and the U.S. Department of State’s office of Art in Embassies, are looking for school students to submit text to be included in a permanent artwork for the new American Embassy in London.”

“Poetry, lyrics, meditations and quotes that connect the two nations as allies are of particular interest. The texts should be feeling, striking, alive, smart, concise, and if by others, in the public domain.”

The deadline for submission is the 31st December 2014 and submissions must be between 240 to 757 characters, including spaces (approximately 45-135 words). It is likely to be seen by everyone who visits the Embassy.

The inscription will hold special significance in London as the actions of President Obama over the Falklands has left the British nervous about the “Special Relationship”. 

One Westminster insider told Breitbart London: “This competition is a great idea but if we are not careful the inscription will bear little resemblance to the true nature of our Special Relationship. It should refer to the times we fought side by side, to our support after 911 or when the Americans ensured Britain didn’t starve during the German blockade of the 1940s.

“We need as many Republicans, Conservatives and UKIP supporting students to submit entries. Then we’ve got to hope the Embassy ignore their Democrat paymasters and choose something appropriate.”

The new Embassy is part of a policy by the State Department begun under President Bush to sell city centre facilities in order to build state-of-the-art buildings slightly further out of town. The move is also hoped to improve security at Embassies, many of which are currently located on busy streets.

The new Vauxhall site will form the centre piece of a whole new district called Embassy Gardens, and is close to Battersea Power Station which is also being rebuilt. The name Vauxhall is already associated with America, and as General Motors cars sold in the UK are badged as Vauxhall. The link is coincidental as the company has no connection with the area.

Applications can be submitted here.