WATCH: UKIP’s Suzanne Evans Tells BBC Nigel Farage is ‘Very Divisive’

UKIP Deputy Chairman Suzanne Evans Gives Details On her Party's Policies For Women

UKIP’s Suzanne Evans has caused a fresh row with the party today after appearing on the BBC’s Daily Politics programme to slate her own leader as “very divisive.” Her comments come shortly after Nigel Farage and UKIP attempted to launch a positive, fact-checking approach to the European referendum campaign. Ms. Evans did not attend the party’s launch event in London yesterday.

Instead, she took to the airwaves today to attack the party leader again, insisting that he should not be front and centre of a referendum campaign. UKIP “insiders” told the Guido Fawkes blog that it was Ms. Evans’s own television appearances that were “divisive” and Breitbart London understands that those close to Mr Farage inside the party are said to be “fuming” about the incident.

The fresh attacks on Mr. Farage and his allies are sure to irk UKIP, with one non-aligned insider, telling Breitbart London, upon seeing the video: “For f**ks sake Suzanne, why!?” The news follows Ms. Evans’s claim during the election campaign that she would back a renegotiation, rather than a straight ‘out’ vote with the European Union if it were possible to get her ideal deal for Britain.