Asylum Seekers Riot Over Food And Conditions In Vienna, Sabotage Tram System

Vienna Railway Station

Civil disobedience by dissatisfied asylum seekers is costing the municipal authorities in Vienna tens of thousands of Euros as they abuse and sabotage public services to voice their feelings.

A march on Monday night, organised by left-wing agitators but mostly attended by Vienna’s large refugee community, remained relatively small at around 300 participants as they moved along a predetermined route in the Traiskirchen suburb. Protesting against what they claim to be poor conditions in refugee camps, police abuse and government “racist policies”, the marchers deviated from their route and set up a blockade of the railway running through the suburb, refusing to be moved on.

Police had to use force to move the group off the tram tracks and arrested one participant for “belligerent behaviour” – clashing with a police officer. Locals described the confrontation as a ‘riot’, with officers pushing back the screaming mass of people. The banners present at the march betray the politics and intentions of the marchers – one meant, translated from Austrian slang: ‘Johanna Mikl-Leitner will be beaten to a pulp before the EU’s new Dublin regulations for asylum can be implemented’, a reference to Austria’s interior minister and the pan-European agreement which governs the movement and identification of illegal migrants and refugees.

Hard-left globalist group ‘Freedom not Frontex’ opposes the regulations and, as the name implies, the existence of the European Union’s own border force, Frontex.

Vienna Protest Banner

‘Mikl will be a pulp before Dublin III’ – banner carried on Monday’s march

Although the refugees have the support of left-wing political activists, they are not overwhelmingly popular with Vienna locals. reports the march was pelted with eggs as it went on its route. Austrian anti-fascists responded to the egging by tweeting the address of the egg-thrower and calling the suburb a “dump” for not being more accepting.

Marching and blocking the railway is not the only form of disobedience the asylum seekers have been engaging in. reports the local fire brigade is invoicing the ministry of the interior, which has responsibility for migrants, for €54,390 as payment for the cost of hundreds of fake fire call outs to the migrant camp. Fire sources told the paper almost all the call-outs are false alarms, and are made by residents of the camps who want to “express their displeasure” at the government.

Austrian discomfort with mass migration and more specifically Islam is becoming more pronounced, as they become more prevalent in the country. Breitbart London reported in April that while tolerance for almost everything was rising in the central European nation, tolerance for Islam was actually down. A majority confessed the view that ‘Islam has no place in Austria’ and said they would be unhappy if a new mosque was built near their home.

Another march is planned for Sunday.

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