‘All A Stitch Up’: Tommy Robinson Still Held In Prison

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Matthew Lloyd/Getty Images

Speaking from prison via his personal assistant, Tommy Robinson, kept in isolation following a fight, has alleged he has not been informed why he is still being held and could remain behind bars for as long as two and a half years.

Robinson was recalled to prison on the 14th of July as Breitbart London reported here. He was expected to serve the last few days of an 18-month sentence and was due for release today. However, his PA Helen Gower wrote on his Facebook page last night:

“I’ve just spoken to Tommy and he has asked me to let you know what’s going on. He still hasn’t been told why he has been recalled, despite asking several times. HMRC had given Tommy an extension on his time to pay off the monies due until October. He was told whilst in Prison that the Judge had said he must pay the monies on the original date otherwise he will get 2 ½ years. Tommy says it is all a stitch up, as per usual, as being in Prison means he would have been unable to pay the monies owed on the 17th.

“He is well and has been in a fight which is why he is now on the block.”

Three days ago she wrote:

“Just spoken to Tommy’s wife and they managed to get a 2-minute phone call with him, but he spent the time talking to the kids. He did say he was down the block (isolation) but that is the only update we have at the moment.”

Robinson, real name Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, 32, was jailed between January and June last year for conspiring with others to obtain a mortgage by misrepresentation from Abbey and Halifax.

He was recalled in October last year, days before he was due to address the Oxford Union. He eventually spoke at the famous debating society at the end of December following his release (video below). Addressing the students, he said:

“I was warned about my licence; I’m on an early release and certain things I was going to say would result in me getting recalled back to prison… I haven’t got the same freedom of speech as everyone else has got then… I was going to expose certain things about the Police, but that will have to hold now.”