KFC Refuses To Serve Bacon Because It Is Not Halal

kfc halal bbq bacon boss box
Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

A father was left furious after a branch of KFC refused to serve him a ‘BBQ Bacon Boss Box Meal’ because it was not halal.

Steve Mitchell, 45, travelled to the fast food store in Derby, UK after seeing an ad for the bacon meal, but was stunned when staff told him it was not available at the Foresters Park branch because they only served halal food.

He instead had to drive to another branch four miles away to finally purchase the meal.

Mr Mitchell told the Daily Mail: “I’m disgusted that we couldn’t get the fast food we requested in the first restaurant and even more disgusted that I had to drive the extra miles to get the meal.

“I don’t recall seeing anything advertising that the Foresters Park site wasn’t serving this meal due to halal beliefs.

“On the way to the site from Spider Island, down Osmaston Park Road, there is even a huge poster on the side of a bus stop advertising the [bacon box] meal.”

A spokesman said: “We have ensured that an alternative non-halal restaurant is nearby to satisfy all of our fans.

“The Derby Foresters Park KFC is the only halal restaurant in the area, and the nearest non-halal restaurant is two miles away at the Derby Intu centre.”

Some KFC branches in Britain have been halal-only, to cater for the local Muslim population, since 2009. The store says that its halal stores use meat from animals that are “not dead prior to slaughter”, but adds that its poultry is stunned before slaughter due to “strict animal welfare standards”.

Breitbart London reported last year how sandwich store Subway had also removed ham and bacon from the menu in 185 branches across the UK in order to comply with halal standards.

The store said in a statement: “The growing popularity of the Subway chain with the diverse multicultural population across the UK and Ireland means we have to balance the values of many religious communities with the overall aim of improving the health and welfare standards of animals.”

Under Islamic Law, Muslims are forbidden from consuming any meat that is non-halal, including all pork products. Halal slaughter usually involves reading a verse from the Koran before slitting the animal’s throat and draining the blood.

Islamic law states the animal must be conscious before while it is killed, but animal rights campaigners insist this practice is cruel. Many halal butchers now practice pre-stunning although strict Muslims insist this is not permissible.

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