Poll: British Public Knows Brexit Is Safer For NHS, Counter-Terrorism, And Immigration

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Polls show that ‘Leave’ is fast gaining ground against ‘Remain’ as official campaigning for Britain’s upcoming referendum on membership of the European Union (EU) begins.

On the question of whether Britain should leave the EU YouGov’s latest survey results show both campaigns are neck and neck but Remain – dubbed ‘Project Fear’ by opponents – seems increasingly reliant on economic scaremongering as Britons are becoming more responsive to Leave arguments in key areas.

There was a stunning nine-point jump for the Leave campaign on terrorism with 25 per cent of Britons now believing ‘Brexit’ would make the country safer from terrorism compared to 10 per cent who believed it would increase risk.

Britain’s Justice Minister Raab warned that terror suspects currently enjoy a “free pass” into Britain, as the bar for refusing them entry has been set “impossibly high” by EU officials.

Thirty-two per cent say leaving the EU would be good for the National Health Service (NHS), up 2 per cent from the last polls while only 14 per cent said the NHS would suffer under ‘Brexit’.

Breitbart London last week reported that former Foreign Secretary Lord Owen warned unless Britain votes to leave the European Union, the NHS will face a “myriad of dangers” from the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP). Legal analysis of the controversial trade deal, most of the details of which are shrouded in secrecy, shows it will make privatisation of elements of the NHS irreversible.

There are widespread fears TTIP will erode democracy and give effective power of veto to big business over national laws.

The YouGov results also saw opinion consolidating the idea that leaving the European Union would mean less immigration to the UK, up five points to 55 per cent. Only three per cent of those surveyed believe a ‘Leave’ vote would see an increase in immigration suggesting that Cameron’s threats of “Calais-style jungle camps’ in England, referring to encampments in France from where migrants seek to illegally infiltrate the UK, are being widely ignored.