WATCH: Carswell Says The Only Reason He Doesn’t Leave UKIP Is Because He’d Have To Fight Another By-Election

UK Independence Party Member of Parliament Douglas Carswell has said the only reason he won’t fight leave his party is because he would have to fight a by-election if he left. His comments have stoked the flames inside the party where staffers are convinced he is trying to be “sacked” so he won’t have to call a by-election.

Breitbart London can reveal that Carswell defection speculation has reached fever pitch inside of UKIP in recent weeks, with party staff convinced that both he and Suzanne Evans (ex-UKIP) will be jumping back to the Conservative Party imminently.

Mr. Carswell and Ms. Evans deny such claims, but Conservative Party sources have mentioned conversations with Ms. Evans specifically about defecting back. Ms. Evans fell out with the Conservative Party and moved to UKIP after being refused access to the Tory candidates’ list in 2010. A senior Tory source told Breitbart London, “As a woman, at that time, it was unheard of to be rejected”.

Speaking on the BBC’s Question Time programme last night, Mr. Carswell confirmed that the only reason he hasn’t left UKIP is because he would have to fight a by-election.

“It’s a by-election he’d lose to us as well,” one UKIP source told Breitbart London, while another mentioned the possibility of a grassroots effort to push Carswell out via his constituents and local association.

BBC host David Dimbleby asked Mr. Carswell: “Just before we leave you, Douglas, you are the only Ukip empathy in the House of Commons. How can you belong to a party led by a man who put out that racist poster, which you constantly complain about? Why don’t you leave Ukip? Maybe you are planning to leave Ukip? You can’t be led by a man whom you object to on racist grounds?”

Mr. Carswell replied: “Last time I changed from one party to another in 2014, I felt I had to put myself forward for a by-election. My constituents faced a by-election in 2014, a general election in 2015, a referendum in 2016. I would think carefully about inflicting another one on them.

Mr. Dimbleby responded: “Why not just call yourself a Tory?… To be serious, are you happy being led by Nigel Farage?”

Mr. Carswell responded: “I made it clear in the referendum, running up to this election, angry nativism is no way to win elections in this country. It is morally wrong.”

The UKIP MP’s failure to defend his party, his party leader, and distance himself from the idea of leaving UKIP caused massive consternation amongst UKIP activists demanding the MP to go.

Breitbart London understands UKIP’s National Executive Committee are also set to discuss Mr. Carswell’s conduct at a meeting on Monday.