Massive IDF Raid Nothing New For Hardened Qalandiya Refugee Camp

Getty Images
Getty Images

The Times of Israel reports:  After a night of heavy clashes between Israeli troops and Palestinians in the Qalandiya refugee camp north of Jerusalem, residents Tuesday morning described the area as having been turned into a fierce battleground.

The fighting, sparked by a rescue operation after two soldiers accidentally entered the camp and were attacked, involved hundreds of soldiers and dozens of armored vehicles that arrived in Qalandiya to search through the camp’s web of alleyways and backstreets for the soldiers who went astray, residents told the Times of Israel.

But the heavy army presence and the skirmishes that followed are not unusual for residents or soldiers.

Almost every day, elite IDF units carry out operations in Qalandiya, either undercover or in uniform. For Israel’s defense forces, the 0.35 square kilometer camp — housing some 11,000 people, according to the UN –remains one of the most prominent and permanent areas of threat.

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