EXCLUSIVE: After Brussels, Islamic State Supporters Warn America – You’re Next

Carl Court/Getty Images
Carl Court/Getty Images

TEL AVIV – Jubilant Islamic State sympathizers and militants have welcomed Tuesday’s wave of terrorist bombings that killed at least 30 people in Brussels, warning “the Crusader infidels” in the West to brace for more such attacks.

One IS-allied militant, Abu Ayna Al-Ansari, a senior Salafi jihadi from the Gaza Strip, told Breitbart Jerusalem:

What happened today in Brussels will spread to all the countries of the infidels who fight the Muslims and drop bombs on our brothers from planes. These attacks are the natural reaction to the actions of the heretic and criminal states. The mujahedeen will not be deterred and will continue to retaliate against the infidels in their home countries.

“Very soon, America, which is at the top of the pyramid of heresy and terror, will face unprecedented attacks,” Ansari vowed. “Our brothers, including those in America, will strike powerfully and imminently, inshallah.”

Such anti-American boasts are common after major international terrorist attacks.

IS supporters and jihadists rejoiced over the Brussels attacks in messages posted to a closed chat group that utilizes the encrypted Telegram messaging service. Those messages were obtained by Breitbart Jerusalem. The posts were written before IS officially took responsibility for Tuesday’s carnage, declaring “explosive belts and devices” were used to murder civilians at Brussels Airport and on a Metro train.

“Thank you, Allah, for helping our brothers the mujahedeen in carrying out these blessed attacks,” the Syria-based Salafi activist Iqab wrote on Telegram. “We swear to Allah that the infidels and their allies will not be safe until they’re sorry for their actions. Thank you, Allah, these attacks will rattle the world of the infidels.”

iqab telegram

“Allah promised us victory, and now it’s arrived,” wrote Syrian jihadi fighter Museer Harb. “They will not hurt the resolve of our brothers, the mujahideen. They fight [the infidels] in their countries and homes, the same we as we fight them in Syria.”

museer telegram

“Thank Allah, who supports the mujahedeen,” wrote the well-known IS militant Abu Khattab. “Today our brothers shook the foundations of Europe, and soon, inshallah, America will be mourning too. I swear to Allah: Their children will not be safe until our children, in the Muslim countries, are safe.”

khatab telegram

On Facebook, pro-IS ideologues were equally jubilant.

Bakr Al-Maqdisi, an Iraqi who posts pro-Islamic State ideology on his Facebook page, declared: “To all the dogs of the cross… Those who sow thorns will not reap grapes.” Maqdisi is also a frequent contributor to the closed pro-IS Telegraph forum.

لكلاب الصليب باختصار .. من يزرع الشوك لن يجني العنب

Posted by ‎بكر المقدسي‎ on Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Ahmad Mohammed, who operates the pro-jihadi Facebook page Bashaeer News, wrote: “The heretic West thought that [with] the arrest of Salah Abdeslam [one of the perpetrators of the November 2015 Paris attacks, who was arrested last week], they are safe, but then came our massive retaliation, right in the heart of Europe’s capital, near the headquarters of the European Union.”

توهم الغرب الكافر أن الخطر قد زال باعتقال #صلاح_عبد_السلام فجائهم الرد مزلزلا في قلب #بروكسيل عاصمة أوروبا وبالقرب من مقر المفوضية الأوروبية

Posted by ‎أحمد محمد‎ on Tuesday, 22 March 2016


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