German Party Seeks To End Circumcisions And Ritual Slaughter

Middle East Christians

Ynetnews reports: A populist, right-wing political party in Germany has published its platform, in which its intention to ban circumcision and halal and kosher slaughter is laid out.

The AfD Party (Alternative for Germany, Alternative für Deutschland) has become one of Europe’s most talked about phenomena in recent months and has achieved unprecedented achievements in recent regional elections in the country.

Against the background of the waves of populist protests throughout Europe, and particularly the immigrant crisis that is plaguing the continent and Germany in particular, the nationalist right-wing party won increasing support from large parts of the German public.

AfD wages a strict policy against Islam, and rides on the waves of fear from the Muslim immigration to Germany. In an exclusive interview granted by the party chairman, Frauke Petry (pictured), to Yedioth Ahronoth three weeks ago, she came out against anti-Semitism, and attacked critics of Israel.

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