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Germany’s Populist AfD Party Elects New Right Wing Leaders

BERLIN (AP) – Germany’s nationalist party Alternative for Germany has elected two new top candidates for the September general election, after the party’s best-known politician, Frauke Petry, said last week she wouldn’t be available.


Merkel Faces Voter Backlash After Open-Door Migrant Policy

GERMANY (AFP) – Chancellor Angela Merkel’s party braced for a backlash at state polls Sunday, while anti-migrant populists are poised for major gains a year after the German leader opened the borders to refugees.

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Germany’s Populists Beat Merkel’s Migrant CDU Party: Exit Polls

BERLIN, Sept 4 (Reuters) – Voting began on Sunday in the German state of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, where polls project the anti-immigrant Alternative for Deutschland (AfD) party will make huge gains amid growing discontent with Chancellor Angela Merkel and her open-door refugee policy.

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Over 800 Attacks on Members of Germany’s Anti Mass Migration Party

More than 800 attacks, including vandalism and death threats, have been reported by the Alternative for Germany (AfD) party — and the attackers may be receiving state funding. AfD state chairman Armin-Paul Hampel has revealed that over the last year the


Another German Economist Blames Merkel For AfD Rise

A leading German economist stated that the government’s economic policies are as much to blame for the rise of Alternative for Germany as its migration policies. Marcel Fratzscher, head of the German Institute for Economic Research, said that the economic policies of the


Media Smears AfD Over ‘Hitler’ Beer Hall Event

At least one media source has drawn comparisons of the AfD to the Nazis because they want to hold an event at a Munich beer hall. The anti-mass migration Alternative for Germany party (AfD) has been embroiled in a row

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German Government Blocks Greek Bailout in Fear of Populist AfD Party

The German government is blocking a Greek bailout in fear of being democratically replaced by the populist, Eurosceptic Alternative for Germany (AfD) Party. In “AfD is the major hurdle in the Greek bailout”, Die Welt’s deputy economics editor, Jan Dams, has


AfD MP and Islamic Scholar Comes out in Support of PEGIDA Leader

An Alternative for Germany (AfD) MP is the first elected member of the party to speak at a PEGIDA rally, and commended PEGIDA leader Lutz Bachmann. AfD member of the parliament for Saxony-Anhalt Hans-Thomas Tillschneider has made history for the party

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Vice Chancellor Gabriel Forced To Deny Poor Health, Resignation

German Vice Chancellor Sigmar Gabriel has denied rumours that he will soon resign because the stress of the migrant crisis had impacted his health. The Socialist Party (SPD) in Germany is seeing historic lows in polls and a new rumour

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Majority Say Islam is not a Part of Germany

A new poll has revealed that a large majority of Germans don’t believe Islam is a part of Germany, and many fear Islamisation. A recent survey of 2,054 Germans by the Insa-Institut on behalf of the Bild newspaper regarding the role


German Establishment Rounds On Anti-Immigration Party Over Islam

(Reuters) – German politicians from across the spectrum criticised the anti-immigration Alternative for Germany (AfD) on Monday after the party declared Islam incompatible with the constitution. The AfD, which has surged onto the political scene since its launch three years ago,