Report: Israel Bombed Syrian, Hezbollah Targets Over Weekend

Israeli fighter jets targeted a Hamas "military target" in northern Gaza on Monday in resp
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The Jerusalem Post reports:

Israeli Air Force jets attacked a missile storage facility in Syria over the weekend, targeting a number of military sites said to be housing advanced weaponry, according to Syrian Internet publication Al Wasil Time on Tuesday.

The attack took place near the embattled city of Homs and reportedly caused extensive damage to the facility.

The report added that Syrian defense systems identified Israeli aircraft within their airspace but refrained from firing. has more:

According to the claims, the attack took place two days ago after midnight during which the IAF took out Hezbollah weapons caches in areas also containing antennas for Syrian radar systems, in addition to an air defense battalion that secures the area. The same official also claimed that the attack only inflicted damage on the caches and not on the other facilities. He said that explosions could be heard and that the fire could be seen from afar.

A spokesperson for the Israel Defense Forces declined a Breitbart Jerusalem request for comment, citing the IDF’s longstanding policy of silence regarding reports of operations in Syria or Lebanon.

If confirmed, the attack may indicate a stepped up approach toward the Syrian conflict by Israel’s new defense minister, Avigdor Liberman.

On Tuesday, Liberman toured Israel’s northern border with Syria and Lebanon.

“I can say that the northern border is in good and secure hands,” Liberman said upon meeting with the IDF Northern Command..

“I was impressed by the readiness, the plans, and preparations. The role of the IDF here is to safeguard the quiet on the northern border, and that is what we are doing. We have no other plans, other than to safeguard the quiet, and I hope that everyone understands that well, including our neighbors.”

He warned,  “In any case, I would not advise anyone to try and test us.”

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