Palestinians Take to Streets, Social Media to Celebrate Tel Aviv Terror Attack

Palestinians Celebrate Attack Reuters

JAFFA, Israel – Palestinians in several locations took to the streets while others converged on social media to celebrate a terrorist shooting attack in downtown Tel Aviv’s Sarona market on Wednesday night that killed four Israeli civilians.

In several sites in the West Bank, like the town of Tulkarm, sweets and cookies were handed out among the people while fireworks were set off in Gaza and the hashtags “Ramadan_Attack” and “The_Intifada_Continues” gained traction online.

Local Palestinian media outlets published photos of Palestinians handing out sweets in the West Bank and in the Gaza Strip in celebration.

A video clip from the Dheysheh refugee camp in Bethlehem showed dozens of young adults in a celebratory march in response to the attack. Participants chanted slogans calling for more attacks.

Also in Jerusalem’s Old City, residents who were marking the holiday of Ramadan could be seen and heard celebrating the attack in Tel Aviv.

The festive atmosphere was also evident online, where one individual named Bilal used the “Ramadan_Attack” hashtag along with the message “Hebron and Gaza are sisters,” in order to demonstrate that Hebron, where the two Tel Aviv shooters live, also bravely confronts the Israeli army.

Baraa wrote, “Spread the bodies of the Zionists on the hilltops, so not one dog will starve on Palestinian land.” The post received many favorable comments.

Abu Muhamad utilized the hashtag “The_Intifada_Continues” in a post that read, “Allah, for you I fasted and the enemy I ate.”

Hamas member Adham Abu Salmiyeh tweeted a quote from the Koran: “Faces full of dust, but they are the faces of the corrupt nonbelievers … Netanyahu, Lieberman and Gilad Erdan at the scene #Ramada_Attack.”


Political commentator Adnan Abu Amer wrote that the “fate of Hebron in the southern West Bank is to be an icon of the Intifada. While Israel points with optimism at the reduction of attacks, Hebronites obtained the Ramadan blessing in the most Palestinian way.”

Salma Aljamal, a news anchor at Al Jazeera, posted: “#Ramadan_Attack is the best response to stories we hear about the peace process. They vainly attempt to revive the process while it actually turned to dust.”

The reporter Saadiya Mufarreh wrote that, “We say again: All Israelis are part of the Zionist entity and are soldiers and reservists in the occupying army. They aren’t civilians … except the children.”


Many online viewers attacked the Al Arabiya network after its report on the attack referred to the dead Israelis as “victims.”

“Al Arabiya labeled the dead Zionists with the word victims and the Palestinians it labels killed. That’s Al Arabiya channel,” wrote Mohamad Nashwan before adding that “Al Arabiya’s language is Arabic but its heart is Hebrew.”

Others noted the fact that the attack was perpetrated with the dated Carl Gustav rifle and the hashtag “Burst_of_Carlo” was launched with jokes that a rifle created four years before the creation of Israel had shaken the country and its security.



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