WATCH: IDF Soldiers Outraged at Video Instructing Them To Use Krav Maga Instead of Shooting Female Terrorists

An injured Palestinian suspected attacker is treated by Israeli medic soldiers after he was shot following a stabbing attack on January 18, 2016 in the Tekoa settlement, south of Jerusalem. A Palestinian, who stabbed a pregnant woman, was shot by security personnel, the Israeli army and medics said, in the …

TEL AVIV – A new IDF video instructing Israeli soldiers serving in the West Bank to avoid shooting female Palestinian terrorists and use Krav Maga instead has prompted outrage in Israel, with people calling the new guidelines “insane” and “delusional.”

The clip, produced by the Samaria Brigade, comes in response to the increasing number of Palestinian women and girls attempting to carry out terrorist attacks – and in particular stabbing attacks – since the current wave of violence started over a year ago.

You can see it here:

The tutorial explains that the threat posed by female terrorists is smaller than that of their male counterparts. Coupled with the fact that the death of Palestinian women at the hands of Israeli forces only serves to heighten Palestinian society’s bloodlust for revenge, IDF soldiers are instructed to try and engage the women in the contact combat known as Krav Maga first rather than resorting to their weapons.

Critics have lambasted the move, saying that IDF soldiers would be putting themselves at risk since terrorists often carry explosives or other weapons on their persons.

Citing Hebrew news site NRG, The Algemeiner quoted one reserve duty officer as saying the new guidelines will only serve to further confuse soldiers.

“We are liable to pay a heavy price for formulating such directives,” he said

Another military source said it was unrealistic to expect soldiers under fire to be able to make a quick distinction between male and female terrorists.

“An attempted terrorist attack has to be thwarted, regardless of considerations about the feelings of revenge aroused in Palestinian society about dead female attackers. This cannot be what guides our actions,” he said.


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