Kurds Open ‘Trump Fish’ Restaurant

The Duhok Post/Twitter

You’ve heard of the legendary Trump Steaks — but there’s a new restaurant on the block in Iraqi Kurdistan.

Trump Fish,’ open this week, beckons diners to feast on common carp prepared in traditional Kurdish fashion. Freshly caught from the nearby Duhok reservoir, the fish is slowly baked near open fire for over 1.5 hours before served whole. Considered less popular fare in America, the carp is a common culinary delight in Europe and Asia.

The Kurdish-language signage says the “yuge” carp, pictured, can be had for 12,500 Iraqi Dinars, or just over $10.50 — cheaper than the $199 Trump Steak package once offered on QVC.

While a small handful of brands have dropped the Trump brand — and the Trump Organization previously resorted to litigation to protect their trademark — in this case, the reasons for imitation are almost certainly stemming from admiration.

Even today, Kurdish outlet Rudaw reported that a Kurdish Peshmerga soldier named his newborn “Trump,” which may be the start of a trend, given that just weeks ago, a Yazidi refugee family also gave their newborn the name of America’s next president.

The admiring gestures of the Kurdish public compliment the determination of their top officials in making overtures to President-elect Trump.

Vice President-elect Mike Pence spoke by phone on Saturday with Kurdistan Region President Masoud Barzani, just as Kurdistan Region security chief Masrour Barzani arrived to Washington, both aiming to establish mutual understanding on Mr. Trump’s fresh Iraq and Kurdistan policy.

Everyone’s heard of Mr. Trump’s preferred palette of KFC, steaks and the occasional French dinner with friends. The Kurds are hoping for American leadership with an appetite for their statehood ambitions, as well.

Zach D. Huff, an expert on Kurdish Affairs and veteran of the Israel Defense Forces, splits his time between Tel Aviv, Israel and the Kurdistan Region of Iraq.


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