Israeli University Launches Course on Medical Cannabis

AP Photo/Jeff Chiu
AP Photo/Jeff Chiu

The Jerusalem Post reports: A first-ever academic course in the use of medical cannabis, recognized by the Council for Higher Education, has been launched by Ariel University.

It was initiated by Dr. Michael Dor, a senior lecturer in health systems at the university’s Faculty of Health Sciences. Dor is also a chief adviser of the Health Ministry, family medicine specialist and a former senior ministry official.

Course requirements are very rigorous, said Dor; 117 students were accepted into the course and scores had to be turned down. The course includes the history and current status of medical marijuana, its legal background and regulation, the active ingredients in the drug, clinical uses including in the field of psychiatry, cannabis farming, the various technologies used to provide the crop (including start-ups that present innovative developments in the field), changes in attitudes to it, moral dilemmas and more.

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