Survey: Israelis Pessimistic About Prospects for Peace with Palestinians

P is for Palestine

The Algemeiner reports: Israelis are pessimistic about the prospects for renewed peace talks with the Palestinians, despite US President Donald Trump’s stated goal of brokering a deal, a new poll published on Wednesday found.

According to the Israeli Democracy Institute’s latest monthly Peace Index, 63% of the country’s Jewish citizens viewed the chances of an imminent resumption of negotiations as low. Despite the stalemated peace process, 66% of Israeli Jews characterized the country’s security situation as good.

However, 56% of Israelis Jews thought there was a high likelihood of a new war with Gaza Strip-ruling Hamas in the coming year (the last Israel-Hamas conflict took place three years ago, in the summer of 2014). Potential conflagrations with Israel’s other enemies — including Hezbollah, Syria and Iran — were considered by poll respondents to be far less likely.

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