Graphic Photos: Islamic State in Sinai Shoots Alleged Spy as Terror Group Challenges Egyptian Army

Islamic Telegram

TEL AVIV — The Islamic State continues to present a challenge to the Egyptian army in battles between the two sides in Sinai, with the terrorist organization claiming to have captured a local spy working for Egyptian security forces.

Photos released by IS purport to show an armed fighter next to the organization’s flag shooting the man accused of being a spy in the head with his hands tied behind his back. The man, Suliman Sabah, allegedly worked with the Egyptian military and one of the photos shows Sabah wearing the orange suit worn by those in IS custody for investigation or execution.

In releasing the new photos, the organization is trying to send a message that despite the battles raging in the Sinai Peninsula, IS is continuing its activities in the field. Another message was sent by the fact that the fighter seen carrying out the execution is wearing an Egyptian army uniform.

Recently, Wilyat Sinai, IS’s Egyptian branch, has succeeded in killing many Egyptian policemen and soldiers. Six were killed and several others wounded in an attack on an Egyptian army post by IS fighters over the weekend. Egyptian security sources said that the assailants used explosives and grenades during the attack.

According to an Egyptian report, two of the attackers were also killed in that assault, which lasted 30 minutes.

On Monday, IS claimed responsibility for two rockets that were fired from Sinai into southern Israel. The organization said that its members fired the two Grad rockets. There were no reports from Israel of wounded or damage as a result of the rocket fire.


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