Stop The Wars, I Wanna Get Off: Where Are the Anti-War Protesters?


“The president does not have power under the Constitution to unilaterally authorize a military attack in a situation that does not involve stopping an actual or imminent threat to the nation.”

Then Sen. Obama 2007 talking about a possible war against Iran

Obama, the peace president, has now begun his fourth war in Yemen. No imminent threat here. His third war in Libya is not going great and there’s no imminent threat there either. In a story with little national coverage, the media has just learned that Obama has started a 4th war in Yemen. It’s a story for perhaps the 15th page, it’s ho-hum. Obama, another war? No big deal- he’s not a republican, nothing to see here. Obama is now heavily involved in the civil war in Yemen. Which side is he on with one? Who cares, it’s a war. Let’s go fight.

Obama started this war after skipping the pesky requirement of getting the constitutionally required consent of congress. And why not? He didn’t bother to try to get approval for his third war in Libya either. And this, don’t forget, is from the peace president, who also believe congressional approval is necessary. Gee, just imagine if Obama was really a cowboy and war monger, that would get the press going.

Where are the ant-war protesters?

I haven’t seen a single war protestor marching angrily in the streets breaking windows and over turning cars in reaction to Obama’s wars. Nor have I seen the relentless grilling from press or the biting cynicism of an investigative media taking him to task for not only starting a 4th war, but for not even bothering to get congressional approval for the 3rd or 4th wars. Hmm. I wonder why that is? We can only imagine.

The Libya war started on February 15th. Obama brazenly declared at that time, that the US would be involved in heavy kinetic activity would be “days, not weeks,” He also said that the original mission was to enforce a no-fly zone. It appears we’re way beyond both “days not weeks” and the no fly zone. What now, my love? Is this Obama’s “Mission Accomplished”? Is there no media to hold him accountable, as they did with Bush. (By the way, Bush never even said “Mission Accomplished” it was a banner that the sailors flew on their ship.) But Obama, did foretell the length of the war with his own words. Has the media forgotten his emphatic, finger wagging, “days not weeks”? Now it’s been months, not weeks and the media still doesn’t remember who said what. Is it November, 2012 yet?

Obama, in his defense, has said that this is not a US action in Libya, it’s a NATO kinetic action. The only problem is that the US funds 25% of NATO. Why? There are 28 European member nations of NATO. Do we really have “sucker” written on our forehead? Or did someone just put a “kick me” sign clandestinely on our back? European spending on NATO has decreased in the past 2 years by 45 billion dollars. Guess who made up the shortfall? And perhaps you were wondering why our economy is on the ropes? Tell me again, why exactly are we in NATO? Thomas Jefferson was right when he declared, “Peace, commerce, and honest friendship with all nations, entangling alliances with none.”

War makes strange bedfellows for conservatives; last week, the lefty Rep. Kucinich proposed a cease and desist measure for Libya in congress and he got plenty of interest from republicans including, Indiana’s Dan Burton, Wisconsin’s Jim Sensenbrenner and Minnesota’s Michelle Bachman. The measure lost in large part because Speaker Boehner proposed an alternative measure which mildly rebuked the president for not providing a “compelling rationale”. That’s it? Is that why we voted in the new freshman class of tea partying GOP? We’re losing American blood and treasure during the nation’s largest recession and the best the GOP can muster is a mild rebuke? Is everyone in congress brain dead or is just me? Are there really still so many war-mongering neo-cons in the GOP who have so little regard for both American lives and its treasure? The GOP appears to be just begging the president for some rationale, any rationale, before giving their stamp of approval to Obama for his mis-adventures. Pathetic. Perhaps there’s no leadership in congress, but where’s the leadership on the issue of American life and death in the GOP presidential field? Crickets…


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