Media and Obama Administration Reserve Harsher Treatment for U.S. Soldiers than Taliban

Media and Obama Administration Reserve Harsher Treatment for U.S. Soldiers than Taliban

Marines urinating on dead Taliban, throwing a puppy off a cliff, Soldiers beating a sheep to death, prisoner abuse in Abu Ghraib, taking body parts as war trophies, etc., etc. To see the coverage of American soldiers in the Middle East, you’d think this was the norm for our men in uniform.

I am not making excuses for any of it; the Marines need to be punished, but I hope it won’t end up being a court-martial. I want to bring attention to the fact that the whole world comes down on America when these things happen. Our own government and mainstream media “deplore” it. When you Google “US deplores Marines” you will find 672,000 results. Much of that is duplicated when searching for “US deplores Army” with 1,530,000 results. However when I searched for “Marines urinating on Taliban” there were 37,900,000 results. Now you can add this post to that list.

Yet for all this heat and light about American misbehavior, not much is said when our enemies blow up innocent men, women, and children, behead and torture anyone they capture (and by torture, I don’t just mean waterboarding), shoot down MEDEVAC helicopters, use suicide murderers to kill and maim scores of Afghans at a wedding, drag bodies through the streets, burn, dismember, and hang them from a bridge and celebrate the events; then torture and murder a pregnant woman, and have no regard for the Geneva Convention, because they they take hostages, not prisoners, and the list goes on and on and on.

Certainly, what some of our Marines and Soldiers have done is deplorable, but it pales in comparison to what our enemies have done in the current conflict. And yet, our government and media are treating them with greater respect than our troops.

Today, the U.S. government opened negotiations with Hamid Karzai’s Afghan government and the Taliban. The Obama Administration said that an “Afghan peace process” was vital to winding down the war in Afghanistan. While the Obama Administration is putting conditions on the talks – they say that the Taliban must disengage from Al Qaeda, “abandon violence,” and abide by the new Afghan constitution – there is no evidence whatsoever that the Taliban has done any of these things. And yet negotiations begin.

So President Obama want us to negotiate; well, I say “nuts” to that. There should be no negotiation, only unconditional surrender; to do less only makes us look weak.


Could these be the Taliban “moderates” President Obama wants to negotiate with?