500 Admirals, Generals Endorse Romney

500 Admirals, Generals Endorse Romney

As I wrote yesterday, military endorsements for Gov. Romney outnumber those for Obama by 100 to 1. And today, a shining example of the military’s support for Romney comes in the form of a Washington Times ad in which 500 former admirals and generals endorse the GOP candidate for president. 

The ad bears the headline: “We, the undersigned, proudly support Governor Mitt Romney as our nation’s next President and Commander-in-Chief.” It is then followed by the names of the 500 former military figures announcing their endorsement.

One of those 500, Rear Admiral (ret.) James J. Carey, released this important caveat concerning the ad: 

It is important that you’re aware that this is not an ad being paid for by the Romney Campaign. Rather, it is being paid for and placed by the 500 of us who have agreed to have our names in this public ad and to take a public stand on how very important it is that our fellow Americans choose a new Commander-in-Chief in the elections this coming Tuesday.

Please vote on Tuesday, NOT because of revenge for something, but because of “Love of Country.”

God bless our military, and God bless these 500 brave souls who understand that the foreseeable future of our military will be decided by who emerges victorious on Tuesday. 


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