Mexican Police Chief Missing, Brothers' Bodies Found Dead

Mexican Police Chief Missing, Brothers' Bodies Found Dead

Nuevo Laredo, Mexico–The sister city of Laredo, Texas once again finds itself as ground zero forthe cartel insurgency holding millions of Mexicans captive. The police chief of Nuevo Laredo has been missing for days, and his two brothers were found shot and killed.

The entire police department of Nuevo Laredo had previously beendisbanded, and the Mexican military have taken over the the city anddeclared the equivalent of martial law. This occurred in 2011 as cartelviolence, car bombings, kidnappings, and beheadings increased, with rivalgangs fighting over the lucrative head of the US I-35 corridor.

The missing police chief was reportedly only hours into his new jobattempting to rebuild the disbanded force when he went missing. A similar incident occurredin Nuevo Laredo in 2005 when another new police chief was killed within hours of taking the position.

Breitbart News obtained an exclusive face-to-face interview with aMexican military commander who wished to remain anonymous one weekago. The interview occurred in Nuevo Laredo, Mexico. The commanderinsisted that the police force was “disbanded due to cartels targetingtheir homes and families.” The commander insisted the police force “fledfor their lives.”

In another exclusive interview with Breitbart News, Laredo, TX Police spokesman Joe Baeza contradicted the assertions of the Mexicanmilitary commander and stated, “the police force in Nuevo Laredo wasdisbanded due to corruption. There were instances on entire city blocksbeing shut down and cordoned off by the police so that the cartels coulddo their business and killings.” Baeza asserted, “any officers there whowould not work for the cartels were targeted, but many of them chose towork for the cartels.”

The Mexican Cartel War has claimed between 45,000-65,000 lives in recentyears, many of them just miles from the US/Mexico border.