UN General Assembly Passes Global Gun Control

UN General Assembly Passes Global Gun Control

On April 2, the UN General Assembly signed off on the Arms Trade Treaty (ATT)–a treaty ostensibly aimed at gun trafficking internationally, and which will require nations to monitor and adjust their export/import practices accordingly.

The Obama administration supported the draft treaty as passed, and Obama will have the opportunity to sign it on June 3.

The treaty was pushed through under the guise that it is chiefly aimed at combat vehicles, military aircraft, and other non-civilian, combat related materials. However, it also focuses on ammunition and weapon parts. And as Breitbart News reported on March 17, the language in the treaty is noticeably ambiguous, which could lend itself to a broader application instead of a more narrow one. 

As with proposed universal background checks the U.S. Senate will consider upon reconvening later this month, the ATT will require some type of gun registration if it is to be enforceable. Otherwise, who will know the origin of recovered weapons and/or weapon parts should a trafficking ring be uncovered?

Besides being signed by Obama, the treaty will also have to be ratified by the U.S. Senate before it is recognized by the United States.