NSA Leaker: China Not America's Enemy

NSA Leaker: China Not America's Enemy

Edward Snowden, the 29-year old who blew the whistle on the NSA’s surveillance programs, claims that China is not an enemy of the United States.

When asked if Americans may suspect he is hiding in Hong Kong in order to potentially aid an enemy of the United States in China, Snowden said the assumption that “China is an enemy of the United States” is wrong. 

“It’s not,” Snowden claimed in an interview with Guardian writer Glenn Greenwald that was posted on Sunday. “There are conflicts between the United States government and the Chinese PRC government, but the peoples inherently… we don’t care, we trade with each other freely, we are not at war, we’re not in armed conflict and we’re not trying to be. We’re the largest trading partners out there for each other.”

On Sunday, former CIA official Robert Baer said national security officials are concerned that Snowden’s whistle-blowing could be “potential Chinese espionage.” The Chinese have relentlessly tried to steal America’s secrets. 

Recently, it was revealed the Chinese hacked into the computers of Barack Obama’s and John McCain’s campaigns in 2008 to steal sensitive documents in what has been described as a “massive cyberespionage operation.”


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