Benghazi Attackers Still on the Loose

Benghazi Attackers Still on the Loose

With all the attention going to the multitude of scandals swirling around the Obama administration right now, some may not have noticed that the Benghazi terrorists are still on the loose.

In fact, one couldn’t be criticized for having forgotten the fact that it was just about a month ago on May 15 that Attorney General Eric Holder claimed the FBI had taken “concrete” steps in the Benghazi investigation and that the DOJ/FBI would soon “be prepared… to reveal, all that [they’ve’] done.” 

It was only a week later that reports asserted the Obama administration “knows who is responsible for Benghazi,” but as Breitbart New reported on May 22, no action to apprehend those individuals was being allowed.  

Now, with June nearly half way over, nothing much has changed. The FBI has reportedly settled on “a broad conclusion” that “the attacks were carried out by a combination of militants with varying degrees of connection to three Islamist groups–Ansar al-Sharia, the Muhammad Jamal network, and Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb.”  But those behind the attacks are still on the loose. 

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