Israel: Obama Gave Iran 'Unbelievable Christmas Present'

Israel: Obama Gave Iran 'Unbelievable Christmas Present'

Despite President Obama’s announcement on Saturday night that he had achieved a “first step” in preventing the nuclear armament of Iran, both Iran and Israel acknowledged that Obama’s negotiated agreement was, in fact, a huge win for the Iranian regime.

According to the BBC, Iranian diplomat Mohammad Zarif triumphantly announced that the deal does include language that guarantees Iran the right to enrich fissile material. President Obama did not explicitly admit that fact, and reports state that the agreement may actually paper over that vital point. Practically speaking, however, the deal allows Iran to move forward with its program with stealth, while preventing Israel from doing anything about Iran’s facilities.

Meanwhile, the Israel government responded to news of the deal with alarm. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called the deal an “unbelievable Christmas present,” stating that it presented Iran with the ability to continue pursuing nuclear capability “for practically no concessions at all.”

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