BACK TO THE USSR: Russia Reveals New Military Symbol Similar to Old Soviet Star

BACK TO THE USSR: Russia Reveals New Military Symbol Similar to Old Soviet Star

Russian President Vladimir Putin’s claim he is not trying to put together the old Soviet Union, even though he constantly bullies old Soviet states and satellite states if they attempt close ties to Europe, weren’t helped by the Russian Defense Ministry revealing their new military symbol:

From The Moscow Times:

The symbol emphasizes “stability, support and dignity,” as the five-pointed star is “strongly associated with the traditions and the victories of the Russian army,” according to a news release issued by the ministry.

The new symbol, which was chosen by the Defense Ministry’s design bureau, could be seen on military equipment that was paraded through Red Square on Victory Day in May. The design will also become the official logo of Zvezda television, which is affiliated with the Defense Ministry.

It looks very similar to this old star:

The old star represented “the ultimate goal of global communist victory.” There were other suggestions the points of the star represented “the symmetrical unity between the agrarian and industrial laborers.” However, this symbol, along with the hammer and sickle, have been banned in some countries. In May, Georgia introduced legislation to ban communist symbols.

Putin said the collapse of the Soviet Union was the greatest geopolitical disaster of the 20th century. Since he came into power, Putin has done all he could to rein in the old Soviet states. He invaded Georgia in 2008 and threaten any country that wants to join NATO or the European Union. Former Georgian Prime Minister and representative to NATO ambassador Grigol Mgaloblishvili told Breitbart News: “Russia intends to cripple much of Eastern Europe to maintain it in a state of ‘constant chaos’ that it can control the region.” 

(Images via Moscow Times and Britannica)


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