Al-Shabab Kills AU Peacekeepers In Somalia

Al-Shabab Kills AU Peacekeepers In Somalia

At least two African Union (AU) peacekeepers were killed in Somalia “following an attack on a military base by [the] Islamist group Al-Shabab.”

AU has “a 22,000 strong force in Somalia to help the weak government fight Al-Shabab.”

According to BBC News, the attack took place in a town called Burlo-Burde, “which has been under siege by Al-Shabab since peacekeepers took control of it in March.”

Al-Shabab claims to have “killed six soldiers after raiding the base” but AU Burlo-Burde commander Ibahim Ali…[said] the fighting had left five people dead–two soldiers, two militants, and a civilian.”

Witnesses say the battle at the base “lasted for about 30 minutes before the combined force of the AU and Somali army managed to repel the attack.” 

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