ISIS Parody on Palestinian TV Depicts Jihadists as Allies of Israel

ISIS Parody on Palestinian TV Depicts Jihadists as Allies of Israel

The rifts between jihadists fighting Israel in Palestine and the surging jihadist group The Islamic State (formerly the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham: ISIS), appear to be growing. In a comedy sketch for Palestine’s Al-Filistiniya TV, ISIS jihadists are depicted as incompetent, slightly gay, and welcoming of English-speaking Jews.

The clip, translated by the Middle East Media Research Institute, appears to depict a day in the life of two ISIS jihadists manning a checkpoint in an unspecified Middle Eastern location. As individuals attempt to pass through, they harass each one in turn.

The first man, a Lebanese Muslim, appears at first to be safe from their wrath. He is so devout that he claims not to watch television: “It is haram.” The ISIS jihadists well-versed in Lebanese geography and even reminisce about their lives there. One of the jihadists, implying that he now engages in homosexual activity exclusively with other ISIS jihadists, tells the Lebanese man, “Back in the day, before I became an ISISsy, I used to spend time with the gals on Al-Jumayza Street.” He disagrees with the man that another street closer to him has better women: “too old-fashioned.”

The chit-chat ends with the jihadists suddenly killing the man for allegedly forgetting two prayers at the mosque.

The second man who approaches is asked an impossibly obscure doctrinal question about Islam. It is only implied he is Muslim, as his response to the question is “just shoot me.” They do.”

When they encounter a Christian, who claims to be named “Peach,” they spend so much time arguing over who gets to kill him that the man dies of an apparent heart attack, depriving both jihadists of the blessings they would have received if they would have shot him instead.

The punchline? The last man they cross– who can only speak English and openly admits to being Israeli– is allowed to pass without incident. “You’re welcome,” the jihadist says.

The last bit highlights some tensions between ISIS and other jihadist groups that have become especially prominent in the current escalation of violence between Israel and Palestine. In response to Israel’s “Operation Protective Edge,” ISIS released a statement declaring that they were simply too busy killing fellow Muslims to bother with a war on Jewish people. “The greatest answer to this question is the Qur’an, where Allah speaks about the nearby enemy–those Muslims who have become infidels–as they are more dangerous than those which were already infidels,” explained an ISIS spokesman on Twitter, who was not identified.

While the sketch is clearly offensive to the sensibilities of ISIS jihadists, they have proven not to shy away from comedy, so long as it promotes jihad. ISIS jihadists have mocked both Michelle and Barack Obama, tried to recruit Argentine superstar soccer player Lionel Messi, and used pictures of jihadists cradling kittens and other small animals to promote their cause.


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