International Media Scurry to Anti-Israel Demonstration Only to Find a Handful of Protesters

International Media Scurry to Anti-Israel Demonstration Only to Find a Handful of Protesters

Washington, D.C. — Photos obtained by Breitbart News showcase the struggle far-left activists are facing in persuading the public to support their anti-Israel rallies. A rally hosted by Code Pink on Wednesday in front of the Israeli embassy appeared to be more populated by journalists covering the protest than protesters themselves.

The protest was sponsored by Code Pink, a radical women’s anti-war organization that shares Communist and Marxist sympathies. Code Pink activists were said to be on the front lines of the Occupy Wall Street movement.

A source told Breitbart News that present among the media were Reuters, the Associated Press, Al Jazeera (anti-Israel, Pro-Muslim Brotherhood network based in Qatar), Al Mayadeen (Pro-Iran and Hezbollah TV station based in Lebanon), and Iranian state-media outlet Press TV.

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More Media Than Protesters In Front Of Israel Embassy (7/30/2014)

Among the prominent individuals in the handful of attendees were Code Pink founder Medea Benjamin, Mahdi Bray of the American Muslim Alliance, and conspiracy theorist Ray McGovern.

Medea Benjamin is a Huffington Post contributor and is known for her anti-war, anti-capitalist agenda. In 2004, her organization donated $600,000 to the families of Iraqi terrorists who had died fighting Americans in Fallujah.

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Medea Benjamin (7/30/2014)

Mahdi Bray is the Executive Director of the Muslim American Society, which was founded by members of the Muslim Brotherhood. He has openly expressed support for US-designated terrorist groups Hamas and Hezbollah. According to an NBC News investigative report, Bray once attended a rally in which he was seen “pumping his fist in the air in support of terrorist groups Hamas and Hezbollah.”

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Mahdi Bray (7/30/2014)

Ray McGovern is a former CIA officer turned anti-Semitic conspiracy theorist. In his retirement, McGovern has attended 9/11 truther symposiums. McGovern has been known to warn about “those individuals that possess dual citizenship” and “run the media and control our politicians in Washington.”

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Ray McGovern (7/30/2014)