Canada Tests Patient with 'Flu-Like Symptoms' for Ebola

Canada Tests Patient with 'Flu-Like Symptoms' for Ebola

The article first appeared in The Independent:

A hospital in Ontario, Canada, has isolated a patient with flu-like symptoms after the person was revealed to have recently travelled from Nigeria – one of the Ebola-hit areas. 

The measure is just a precautionary one and the patient has not yet been diagnosed with the deadly disease – a virus with a mortality rate as high as 90 per cent and which has swept through west Africa killing 961.

The unnamed patient has been admitted to Brampton Civic Hospital, with a diagnosis yet to come.Dr Eileen de Villa from, Associated Medical Officer at Peel Public Health said: “Measures that are being taken are indeed precautionary. I mean, there are health concerns ongoing in West Africa at this stage of the game,” reports the Toronto Star.

A government public health official said that the chances of the person contracting Ebola without having come into contact with somebody already with it is “very, very remote.” 

Dr Brian Schwartz, Chief of Emergency Preparedness at Public Health Ontario said: “We’re going to see people who are sick and we’re going to see some people who have a travel history and we’re going to see some who have both.” 

There are no confirmed cases of Ebola having been contracted outside of Africa.

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