Jihadi Accused of 2011 Sarajevo US Embassy Attack Killed Fighting In Iraq

Jihadi Accused of 2011 Sarajevo US Embassy Attack Killed Fighting In Iraq

A Bosnian national named Emrah Fojnica, nicknamed “Khattab” was killed over the weekend in an attempted suicide bombing in Iraq, according to the Macedonian English Language News Agency. Fojnica had been waging jihad in both Syria and Iraq, where he was fighting for the Islamic State terror group.

Credit: Balkininfo.org

The Islamic radical departed from Zavidovici in Bosnia and Herzegovina to Iraq where he became a vest-wearing human explosive. He was said to be wearing the suicide best when he was executed.

Fojnica was charged in October 2011 with partaking in a coordinated terror attack against the United States Embassy in Sarajevo. He and two others prepared the attack that entailed one man opening fire at the embassy with an automatic weapon, with over 100 bullets hitting the building. One police officer in the vicinity of the embassy was wounded in the terror attack. The attack was stopped when a police sniper shot the weapon-holder and arrested him on terrorism charges. Police said they found gym bags full of weapons, including rifles and Fonjicas Identification card.

Mevlid Jasarevic (23), stands at an intersection holding an AK-47 (far L), after opening fire upon the United States Embassy in Sarajevo, on October 28, 2011. Jasarevic and two other accomplices have been charged with planning the attacks.

Terror Attack On US Embassy in Sarajevo, 2011 (AFP)

He and his accomplices were part of the Bosnian Wahhabi movement, a radical sect of Sunni Islam that is most popular in Saudi Arabia.

Emrah Fojnica was acquitted of a “criminal act of terrorism” charge shortly thereafter. One of his accomplices, Mevlid Jasarevic, was sentenced to 18 years in prison. Reports said the three appeared to be motivated by opposition to US policy in the Muslim world.

Bosnia and Herzegovina is a heavily Muslim-populated country, with some 3.8 million (40%) of its citizenry following Islam.