ISIS Abducts over 500 Yazidi Women, Girls as 'War Booty'

ISIS Abducts over 500 Yazidi Women, Girls as 'War Booty'

Islamic State (IS) militants took over 500 women and girls as “war booty” when they captured Shingal nearly two weeks ago.

Witnesses confirm that the militants took women based on who “was prettiest” or would be “funniest” to be with.

According to Rudaw, the women were herded into trucks and at least two of the older women – over 50 years of age – were then taken off a truck and “killed… on the spot in the street.” Trucks full of the younger women and girls then drove away, and it is feared “most of the women have already been transferred to Syria, Mosul, and Baaj.” Reuters previously reported eyewitness speaking of IS taking women “as slaves.”

Witnesses say IS made various rounds to abduct the women and honed in on the homes of certain ones as if they’d been told where the most beautiful women lived.

For example, 46-year-old Shingal resident Karim Rito said he saw IS militants go to the home of two sisters in the “first round” of abductions. He said the sisters were “locally known for their beauty” and militants “went to their house directly after entering the village.” 

It is believed “Arab neighbors” told IS about the sisters, perhaps as a way to curry favor.

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