Reds Showing Up in Ferguson Have a History with Criminals and Riots

Reds Showing Up in Ferguson Have a History with Criminals and Riots

When Marc Lamont Hill reported that people from a “revolutionary communist” group are provoking mayhem in Ferguson, Missouri, he was referring to the Revolutionary Communist Party USA (RCP). This Maoist/Stalinist cult has a history of working with thugs and criminals and works hard to provoke unrest.

In New York City there is an activist known to talk radio fans only as “Jimmy from Brooklyn“, who for about four decades had been infiltrating Communist groups on his own initiative. “Jimmy” knew the RCP. He learned from them that their ideological strategy was “politicize, radicalize and militarize” but that they had developed a shortcut by recruiting in the prisons. They sought to convince violent criminals that their flaws are not actually their fault but the result of a racist, capitalistic society that made them what they are and thus should be subject to their revenge.

In Radical Son, David Horowitz writes of encountering an outgrowth of this attitude when he confronted a top RCP apparatchik named C. Clark Kissinger:

Shortly after the [1992 Los Angeles] riot, I appeared on a radio talk show with Clark Kissinger, a former president of SDS. Kissinger had created a new organization in South Central, Refuse and Resist, to promote the idea that local Crip gangs were revolutionaries battling an oppressive state. On the air, Kissinger was adamant that the looters and burners were social rebels, and that anyone doubting this was a ‘racist.'”

Horowitz wrote of the riot that “Two thousand Korean businesses were burned, and fifty-seven people killed – many of them targeted, like the businesses destroyed, simply because they were not black.” Predictably, the racial bloodletting had RCP’s full endorsement. Had it not been for the 2nd Amendment, Koreatown would have been the site of a massacre.

There is a joke among leftists: “Old Reds never die, they just smell that way.” The RCP has been at this since the 1960s – and they haven’t changed one bit.


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