UN Official: IS 'Killed Up To 670 Prisoners' In Mosul, 'Ruthlessly' Targeted Religious Minorities

UN Official: IS 'Killed Up To 670 Prisoners' In Mosul, 'Ruthlessly' Targeted Religious Minorities

On August 25, UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Navi Pillay said the Islamic State (IS) militants “killed up to 670 prisoners in Mosul” and “ruthlessly” targeted religious minorities for “religious cleansing.”

Pillay also said IS was carrying out “ethnic…cleansing in the areas under their control.”

According to the AP, the prisoners were from Mosul’s Badoush Prison. “20 survivors and 16 witnesses” recounted how IS militants loaded “between 1,000 to 1,500 prisoners onto trucks and [drove] them to a nearby uninhabited area.” Once there, IS fighters told Sunnis to step away from the other prisoners, then “yelled insults at the remaining prisoners” and gunned down “up to 670” of them.

In addition to this, “Pillay cited the killing of hundreds of Yazidis in Nineveh and up to 2,500 kidnapped at the beginning of August.” He also pointed to “the killing and abduction of hundreds of Yazidis in Cotcho village in southern Sinjar on August 15.”

Pillay said IS’s human rights offenses also include “forced conversions…trafficking, slavery, sexual abuse, [and] destruction of places of religious and cultural significance,” among other things.

On August 13 Breitbart News reported that IS militants abducted over 500 Yazidi women and girls after taking control of Shingal. Older women were shot, killed, and left in the streets, while younger women and girls were loaded into trucks and taken away.

Reuters reported the women and girls would be used as “slaves.”

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