Report: Hamas Rebuilding Gaza Terror Tunnels

Report: Hamas Rebuilding Gaza Terror Tunnels

The Gaza Strip-ruling terrorist group Hamas is reportedly rebuilding much of its tunnel network, which was used to transport weapons, murder innocents, and attempt kidnappings. Much of the tunnel network was believed to have been destroyed during the jihadi outfit’s recent 50-day war with Israel.

A report on a Hamas-affiliated website on Sunday, titled “Kassam’s Shovels Continue to Dig Tunnels After the War,” describes how Hamas terrorists are working like “beehives” to facilitate the express rebuilding of the tunnels. The site said that Hamas’s motivation for finishing the laborious activity was to “see every inch they dig as a place where an Israeli soldier would be kidnapped or killed.”

A reporter from the Hamas media affiliate visited a tunnel site, where a digger told him, “We need every minute. We have a lot of work ahead of us that requires tremendous efforts and patience.” Another Hamas worker added, “Thank Allah for making us soldiers specializing in digging tunnels. True, this is hard work, but we keep in mind that we will be rewarded by Allah.”

During the 50-day war, which was coined Operation Protective Edge by the Israel Defense Force, Hamas operatives attempted to commit genocide upon a village near the Gaza border. The jihadis utilized its tunnel networks to dig underground and emerge within close proximity of Kibbutz Sufa, where according to former Israeli President Shimon Peres, the militants planned on slaughtering the entire civilian community.

Most of the terror tunnels were dug in Gaza under private residences or public buildings, making it difficult for Israeli forces to uncover the sophisticated underground network. The purposes of the Hamas tunnels are two-fold: a way to smuggle arms and supplies through Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula and a means to infiltrate Israel’s border and conduct terror attacks.

Some have alleged that U.S. aid to Gaza ends up in the hands of Hamas terrorists, who in turn use the funding to continue the building of their tunnel systems.


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