Ayatollah Answers: Iranian Dictator Tweets 9-Step Plan to Eliminate Israel

Ayatollah Answers: Iranian Dictator Tweets 9-Step Plan to Eliminate Israel

Ali Khamenei, the theocratic despot of Iran, tweeted his nine-step plan to destroy the state of Israel. 

On Sunday, he posted the following graphic from his Twitter account, @Khamenei.IR:

The Ayatollah argued that Israel must be wiped out because the country, he asserted, carries out “infanticide, homicide,” and violence.

Khamenei, in answering question two, claimed that there is no other option to dealing with Israel than to eliminate the Jewish state. He went on, explaining how the only legitimate people of “Palestine” are its “original” inhabitants. 

Though there has never been an established state of Palestine, the Iranian dictator said that Jews who emigrated to “Palestine” are not legitimate citizens.

The Iranian Supreme leader continued, asking the global community to resist the regime of “Zionists” who are “infanticidal.”

Any peace negotiation, according to Khamenei, is simply a “trick for more crimes and occupation.” Instead, he suggested, the “West Bank should be armed like Gaza.”

Khamenei concluded by reminding his followers that deceased Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat (who was actually born in Egypt) was poisoned by Israel while he was negotiating a peace accord. Therefore, making peace with Israel should not be attempted.

Some have claimed that Arafat did not die of poisoning, and he was not by any means negotiating peace. The Palestinian leader’s wife admitted her husband was fanning the flames for Palestinian violence against Israel’s Jews and had premeditated the intifadas against Israel. While mystery surrounds the cause of Arafat’s death, medical experts have suggested that Arafat actually succumbed to AIDS. Some have alleged that Arafat had for decades been a closet homosexual, an identity which is punishable by death in Palestinian lands.

On Saturday, the Ayatollah advocated a message similar to the one asserted in his nine-step plan, calling for Israel’s outright annihilation.

Post-Islamic Revolution Iranian leaders have often called for the destruction of both Israel and America. In May, the Ayatollah pledged to destroy the United States through “battle and Jihad.”

The Ayatollah’s call for Israel’s destruction comes just days after the The Wall Street Journal revealed that President Obama had written a secret message to Khamenei. In the letter, Obama urged the Supreme Leader to agree to a nuclear agreement in return for greater cooperation against ISIS.