Iranian Foreign Minister: Netanyahu Speech An Attempt To ‘Prevent Peace’

Washington, D.C.

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammed Javad Zarif, who serves under Tehran’s Ayatollah Khamenei and his “Islamic Republic,” said that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s upcoming speech to a joint session of the United States Congress is simply “scaremongering” and an “attempt to prevent peace.”

Netanyahu will address the U.S. Congress on Tuesday, March 3. It is widely suspected that he will focus his address on warning about the threat posed by a nuclear-armed caliphatist Iranian regime.

Zarif told reporters on Saturday: “Through scaremongering, falsification, propaganda and creating a false atmosphere even inside other countries, (Israel) is attempting to prevent peace. I believe that these attempts are in vain and should not impede reaching a (nuclear) agreement.”

“Netanyahu is opposed to any solution and (his planned speech in U.S. Congress) signifies his attempts to use an untrue issue and a fabricated crisis to cover up realities in our region, including the occupation (and) suppression of the Palestinian people, violation of rights of Palestinians and continuation of invasive policies,” Zarif added, reports the Christian Science Monitor.

Last year, the Iranian Foreign Minister paid a visit to the gravesite of deceased Hezbollah terrorist Imad Mughniyeh, who is believed to be chiefly responsible for coordinating with Iran in attacks against Americans overseas. Hundreds of Americans have been killed as a result of the former Hezbollah leader’s Iran-backed operations.

The Israeli Prime Minister will address the American-Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) Policy Conference on Monday, before speaking to the U.S. Congress on Tuesday.

Netanyahu prayed at Jerusalem’s ancient Western Wall before departing on Sunday to the United States in a trip he described as “a fateful, even historic mission.”

“I feel that I am an emissary of all Israel’s citizens, even those who do not agree with me, and the entire Jewish people,” Netanyahu said before leaving Tel Aviv for Washington, D.C, according to Reuters.

Instead of attending Netanyahu’s speech, Secretary of State John Kerry and eleven other senior Obama administration officials will be engaging with Iranian regime officials in Switzerland this week, hoping to close a deal on Iran’s nuclear program in the ongoing P5+1 negotiations.