Nigerian Troops Find Boko Haram Bomb Factory

AFP Photo/Sunday Aghaeze
AFP Photo/Sunday Aghaeze

Nigerian troops reported this week that they discovered a facility they are describing as a “bomb factory” run by the radical Islamic group Boko Haram in northeast Borno state.

Officials found the factory after they captured the town of Buni Yadi from the extremists. It was located in a local fertilizer company inside the city.

“The factory, which was located in a fertiliser company, has also converted some of the materials therein for production of all types of IEDs,” stated Maj. Gen. Chris Olukolade, the director of defense information. “Troops are still evacuating the materials which include a large quantity of suicide bomber vests from the facility to their base.”

Boko Haram Islamists often attack northeastern towns in Nigeria with IEDs strapped to suicide bombers. Militants have sent these bombers to busy bus stops or markets to murder the most people.

Olukolade also mentioned that four soldiers died in IED attacks during the assault in Buni Yadi last Saturday. They planned to retake the town sooner, but were “delayed because the devices were planted on the road leading into the town.”

Nigeria postponed the February 14 presidential election to March 28 due to Boko Haram violence. The decision ignited outrage, but in the past few weeks, Nigeria “made major gains” against the militants. Neighboring countries Niger, Chad, and Cameroon decided to help Nigeria after Boko Haram leaked into the countries.